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We provides a suite of legal and professional services such as:


Music Reviews in a way never done before. Artistes, music producers and instrumentalists can get reviews on their released/unreleased songs and music projects from selected top industry players consisting of renowned entertainment writers, journalists, music executives and AnRs in our professional review team.

Artistes and creatives who are keen on giving the best to their audience get to receive unbiased reviews on their works and get professional advice from experienced industry players on beneficial things to aid song/music project improvement and over all career success.

Imagine getting your song reviewed and co-signed by the likes of Don Jazzy or Ubi Franklyn ? Yass right!!!


Movie producers, skit makers, music video directors, historians and other  video content creators can get reviews on their released and unreleased video projects from selected top industry players like renowned entertainment writers, journalists, music video directors. Producers , and AnRs.

Creatives with keen interest in providing the best to their audience and entertainment lovers across Nigeria get to receive undiluted and unbiased reviews from industry professionals on the strengths and weaknesses of the project and what can be done to improve the same.

literary review

Similar to the reviews for Cinematograph films and music, literary reviews cover movie scripts, poems, novels, comics, spoken words, articles etc. 

Writers that are keen on gaining additional knowledge and improving their craft get to receive quality and well carried out reviews on their literary works from established and experienced authors, script writers and critics. 

These reviews can then be used to promote their literary works and serve as evidence of proper scrutiny of the content and quality of the work.

A review on your literary work from someone like Chimamanda Adichie will surely do wonders right. 

repertoire services

We will also be assisting independent songwriters and recording artists with limited A/R services through our dedicated AnR department.
These services are “Sync Licensing”, “Album Track listing”, “Publicity” and “Image Branding”.

After appropriate scrutiny and approval of songs and upon the request and consent of the artiste/songwriter  we will be involved in.
1) Sync Licensing - Putting out the songs to production companies, sports corporations and game developers for possible usage on tv shows, movies games and sporting events.
2) Album Track Listing – Selection of songs for musical projects and track listing of the songs .
3) Publicity - Putting the songs on social media platforms, helping with radio plays, online publications, influencer marketing among other PR mechanisms. We will also design your artworks for you if are interested.
4) Image Branding - Handling and advising  creatives as it pertains to image and branding e.g wardrobe, photoshoots, merchandise etc. handling of PR stunts and damage control among other services under image branding.

legal services

This is especially for independent artists and creatives that may not be able to afford a retainer agreement with a firm. It is also a great tool for record labels and other creatives oriented brands looking forward to having a legal team or unit.

Our Legal services covers recording contracts, trademark registration, copyright, licensing, royalties and any other aspect of Intellectual Property Law that concerns creatives and the protection of their works in Nigeria.


The Forum consists of entertainment lovers across Nigeria and Africa and is opened to music lovers, movie lovers, instrumentals lovers, lovers of literary works etc.
Entertainment lovers and creatives would be able to sign up and create accounts on our platform. You will be able to review the work of your favorite creatives via the; user review options on the forum .
It is also an avenue to connect with other lovers of creative works across Nigeria and Africa.

There is also the opportunity to earn money through reviews when you get to a particular stage as a user on the platform.
The forum contains sections for Artistes fans clubs (30BG, Wizkid FC , Outsiders etc)  across the states and locations in Nigeria as well as fans clubs for actors , movie makers among others.

Persons looking for the services of creatives like song writers, artistes , movie producers, directors and other creative service providers across Nigeria will have the opportunity to find, access and book their services via the forum .

The Mumorev forum is the perfect place for creatives and entertainment lovers to network, debate and learn.

About MumoRev

Mumorev is Africa’s first all encompassing entertainment platform that is aimed at creating authenticity and originality within the entertainment industry while also ensuring the growth of the industry.

It does this by creating an easy-to-use online platform where creatives in the entertainment industry can get their works assessed , reviewed and co-signed by professionals within their field before the work gets to the public or after it gets to the public. The platform also provides a user based review system where users get to earn from giving reviews in their fields of interest .

MumoRev also provides a suite of legal and professional services such as entertainment law services, intellectual property rights protection and litigation via the legal section , image branding , record label establishment and publicity via the AnR section and funding , networking and entertainment service procurement via the forum.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Every Creative work is worthy of review. We believe efforts have been devoted to creating the work and it deserves to be reviewed. We don’t believe there is a work that is not worthy of  or good enough for a review. Before a work qualifies for a professional review on the platform, artistes will pay a Non Refundable fee of 1000 naira.

There will be categories in the work submitted that you want to review. For music for example, you can check mark either or all of the following parameters
⏹ Review Beat ⏹ Lyrics ⏹ Harmonies ⏹ Vocals ⏹ Background Vocals ⏹ Mixing Mastering ⏹ Song Title ⏹ All 

We understand this. A Non Disclosure Agreement signed by the directors and owners of the app will be made available. The NDA is legally binding on the professional review team and exists as a legal contract between the Creatives and the team not to leak or reveal information detailed or transacted in the contract. There will also be an Intellectual Property Ownership agreement for creatives on the platform stating we don’t retain the rights to your work.

To reduce Bullying and Unwarranted trolling, certain words will be prohibited from being used on the platform . Words like bastard, Foolish, Bitch and other abusive words will be banned and tagged spam posts on the platform. If a user gets three warnings after the removal of the prohibited posts, it will lead to a permanent ban on the user’s account.
There will be Three modes of Reviews on the User’s Review Platform.
1) The Stars Rating ( over 10 )
2) The Emoji Review
3) The written review which will be categorized into The Good, The Bad and The indifferent .
The platform will define Good and Bad reviews for free users i.e before giving a review , there will be certain keywords inputted into the system for users to click before reviewing . These keywords will be present in the eventual review and will help determine if the review by the user is a good review of the work or a negative review .
Good reviews or positive reviews about the work are then categorized under Good Reviews and bad reviews are categorized under Bad or Negative Reviews too.

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